Level Up Roleplays

Welcome to Level Up Roleplays, the official website for the series of roleplaying games built on the award winning Level Up engine from Ape Apps. Here you will find links and information on all of the games in the highly rated Level Up series!

Level Up!

The original Level Up game, and still the largest Level Up adventure to date. Level Up! is the game that started it all, and is frequently updated with new content and the latest engine advancements. It is often used as a showcase for the latest technologies in the Level Up engine.

Website/Download Links: Official Level Up! Website

Ninja Level Up

Featuring unique hand drawn graphics and a story driven quest with a more serious tone, Ninja Level Up brings players to the shores of Japan where they must embark on a mission to avenge the death of a dear friend...

Website/Download Links: Official Ninja Level Up Website


Deimos is a Sci-Fi/Comedy themed entrant to the Level Up series where a team of elite space marines lead by the battle hardened Sarge must travel to the science station on the Martian moon of Deimos and investigate recent oddities that have been taking place.

Website/Download Links: Official Deimos Website

Deimos 2 - End of the Earth

Picking up where the original Deimos left off, Deimos 2 - End of the Earth brings Sarge and his team back to active duty, but this time the stakes couldn't be higher. Sarge and his team must now save the entire planet from certain doom...

Website/Download Links: Official End of the Earth Website

Gone Rogue

Unique to the Level Up series, Gone Rogue is a classic 2d roguelike dungeon crawler built around the inventory management and combat system of the Level Up games. Worlds, items, and monsters are all generated random at runtime, and no two play throughs are alike!

Website/Download Links: Official Gone Rogue Website

Teddy Bear Terror

Teddy Bear Terror takes the Level Up engine and dumbs it down to the form of an endless clicker game. In what is sure to be an addicting ride, Teddy Bear Terror has players clicking (or tapping) on the evil teddy bears as fast as they can in order to gain coins, experience, and to level up!

Website/Download Links: Official Teddy Bear Terror Website

Coming Soon...

Level Up Arena

Coming in Summer 2016, the next installment of the Level Up series: Level Up Arena! Questing and adventuring take a back seat to combat, as you must build up your character and fight for glory in the arena. Compete against players across the world to become the ultimate champion! Stay tuned to this website for more details, and look forward to this installment in summer 2016.